Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet (but not TOO sweet) Obsession...

My favorite guilt-free dessert spot? Like any Angeleno, whether or not you're a transplant from another climate or another culture, it's a frozen yogurt place. But this is not just any old corner shop or national chain that serves up heart-warming yet brain-freezing treats; this, my friend, is The Bigg Chill. You might recognize it by the lines that string out of the door, even on the coldest of winter nights, while the Penguins chain store across the street is completely and utterly empty. The Bigg Chill has a cult following all of its own, but the beauty of this confection-lovers club is that anyone can join. Families, sorority girls, body builders, and even Paulie Shore himself are just some of the people that I run into on a consistent basis in this Saved By the Bell-esque establishment.

With more than 12 different flavors offered daily, The Bigg Chill sets itself apart by carrying low-sugar, sugar-free and dairy-free flavors to boot; my personal favorites range from Raspberry Chill Berry (not too tart, like all those other yogurt chains) to Mocha Almond Fudge (a Carbolite flavor, a.k.a. low sugar) to Butterbrickle (a mysterious yet delicious butterscotch/caramel taste sensation). Of course you can choose from a variety of toppings - healthy and not-so-healthy - as well from fro-yo-based shakes and pre-ordered pies.

But, I must warn you, beware of the health-store food that surrounds the walls of this little corner of heaven. Stocked with low-calorie foods like soy chips, all-natural granola, protein bars and no-calorie peanut butter (sadly, it tastes TERRIBLE!), these shelves can be deadly, especially when you reach the front of the line full of eager yogurt consumers and look down, only to cast your eyes upon the best "healthy" cookies you will ever come across. There, close to the floor, you will find the wide assortment of Rocks N' Rolls Cookies; with flavors ranging from Vanilla & Lemon to Raspberry Chocolate Chip, these not-to-sweet but oh-so good, crunchy little pebbles are surprisingly light on sugar and fat but big on taste. With five ingredients to their name, these geology-inspired goodies are incredibly easy to snack on while feeling good about your decision...until you realize you've eaten the whole bag, much like I did last night. However, gluttony guilt aside, these little cookies are incredibly light and crispy, and pair perfectly with the fluffy, smooth taste of any of Bigg Chill's sumptuous sweet treats.

So next time you're in the mood for a creamy and cool snack, stop by Bigg Chill. Just make sure you go to the end of the ordering counter on the far side, away from the Rocks N' Rolls display...that is, unless you are in the mood to eat an entire back of delectable munching cookies on the side.

The Bigg Chill
10850 Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Rocks N' Rolls Cookies
St. Amour Cookie Manufacturer
2971 Grace Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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