Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fresh Tooth Goes Frozen...Sort Of...

Now, if anyone is against eating a lot of pre-made, over-processed and tasteless frozen food, it's me. I'm a firm believer that what we put into our bodies should be as freshly plucked from the earth's soil, the trees' branches and the rural farms as possible. I mean, the fresh taste you get from a crisp salad made of tender baby spinach, crunchy Fuji apple slices, freshly grilled and juicy chicken breast, and tangy clusters of goat cheese - that scent sensation, that visual experience and that satisfying feeling of eating something wholesome and earthy cannot be replicated, especially not by a "meal" that comes wrapped in plastic, complete with microwave instructions.

Well...I was wrong...sort of. The other week, I was half-ashamedly scanning the frozen food section (gasp!) for quick, cheap and nutritious options for my lunch when I intern in West Hollywood a couple of days each week. In my defense, dining options in that part of town fall under two categories: cheap and dubiously nutritious; and expensive and delicious; thus, my dilemma. So, I search high and low in the natural foods section, crossing my fingers and muttering under my breath, "Yellow tag, yellow tag..." in hopes that I could find something inexpensive, tasty, and yes, FROZEN. I was about to give up hope, when I spotted a glorious, glowing beacon proclaiming "2 for $4" under a product I did not recognize, but would soon come to love. Meet Cedarlane Natural Foods' Burritos and Wraps. Ye, they are fatefully frozen, but wow, are they good! I've tried the Low-fat Couscous and Vegetables and the Veggie Pizza varieties, and both are surprisingly delectable! The Couscous Burrito is loaded with perfectly moist grains, wonderfully gooey mozzarella cheese and a proportional spattering of various vegetables, the Pizza Wrap tastes like a piece of thin crust, veggie-based pizza folded into a neat little package, and both crisp up wonderfully in the oven! Paired with a chicken breast or a cup of low-fat cottage cheese, these little bundles of beauty are truly one of the best choices for a cost-effective, taste-effective and happiness-inducing lunch break, no matter how stressful your job or how little your budget.

Cedarlane Natural Foods
Available at natural food stores and selected grocery stores throughout the U.S.

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