Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Sweet It is...To be Loved by Sweet Potato Fries...

Does anyone remember how the trend of sweet potato fries even started?? One minute, I'm a strict "no-fried-food" adherent, and then next, before I realize what has happened, I'm scanning menus and websites, looking for those magical three words. I'm not even really sure how it all began, but these days, I just can't get enough of them. That tell-tale bright orange hue, that satisfying crunchy yet soft bite into that crispy strip of beta-carotene-loaded heaven; somehow I feel so good after eating these deep-fried finger foods, even though I know that I am merely blinded to the truth by that orange-y glow that draws me in like a neon bug-zapper on a warm summer's night.

Seeing as I search high and low for sweet potato fries on LA restaurant menus, here's a list of some of the establishments whose scrumptious sweet potato sticks have won my heart:
1. Breadbar in Century City
2. Jack n' Jill's in Santa Monica
3. Mayberry in Pacific Palisades
4. The 29th Street Cafe (a.k.a. the 2-9 to us Trojans)
5. Eat on Sunset in Hollywood
6. On occasion, my sorority house for lunch (thank you to our amazing chef, Gary!)
7. Library Alehouse in Santa Monica

Some shout-outs to restaurants outside of LA that get my "sweet-potato-fries seal-of-approval":
1. Cafe Flora in Seattle, WA (referred to on the menu was "yam fries" but oh-so-good, especially with the vegan garlic aoli)
2. Herb Box in Scottsdale, AZ (they make sweet potato chips with a secret seasoning that is TO DIE FOR!!!)
3. Fish on Fifth in Sidney, a small town outside of Victoria, British Columbia (that's Canada a.k.a. up north for all you geography, err...buffs...it's worth the trip just for a maple-glazed grilled salmon salad and a side of delicious sweet potato wedges)

In addition, here are some places that I know serve my little fried friends, but have yet to try them:
1. The Corner on Highland and Lexington
2. Nick & Stef's Steakhouse in Downtown LA
3. Father's Office in Santa Monica and Century City
4. The Counter in Santa Monica
5. Blue Plate in Santa Monica

Now, I've never met a sweet potato fry I didn't like - let's face it, this is one thing that my palate is not too discriminating about...BUT I'd really like to know where truly the best sweet potato fries are served. Consider this your mission, should you choose to accept it (but please do - I'm hungry again...as I sit here in my room eating glorious, sorority-house sweet potato fries).

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  1. I second on the sweet potatoe wedges at the Fish on Fifth in Sidney B.C.!